Safety is and always has been one of our topmost priorities. Many of our administration staff members and personnel have children and families, and it’s important to us to make sure they get home to those families each and every night. In addition to offering safety training for all of our workers, we also abide by a number of industry standards and procedures, detailed below.

  • Gold Shovel Standard certified
  • Current OSHA 30 Hour certifications are maintained by all foremen and superintendents.
  • Complete OSHA and client mandated reports filled out when needed and appropriate follow up actions taken.
  • All employees attend a safety orientation, which covers the health and safety plan, and all pledge to work together to achieve a 100% safe workplace.
  • Insistence on reporting all safety incidents, including near misses, so that we can learn from them and prevent future recurrence.
  • Monitor and establish maintenance schedule tracking for all equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Specific protocols are in place to determine when a situation is deemed unsafe and work must come to a stop.